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  • We are an independent small-to-medium sized PA system hire company. We service folk, jazz, world, roots, choirs, orchestral events and festivals. We have specialist knowledge in acoustic music genres (helps to know one end of an accordion from the other;). Our core strategy is to deliver highest fidelity concert audio to meet the demands set by your musicians and audiences.
  • We have small sound systems to cater for concerts of 75-100 customers, through to approx 1500-2000 capacity concert festival systems, complete with 48 channels, separate on-stage monitor mix solutions, experienced crew and all the trimmings. All of our equipment is PAT tested, we carry full PL insurance and we can offer some really competitive rates, supporting the acoustic music scene and associated budgets.
  • We thrive in challenging acoustic spaces (see photo above…mixing 1Km below!). We also enjoy churches, cathedrals…(perhaps “enjoy” is a bit strong.)
  • We have links to great supporting companies and industry experts across all sectors. Very often an event starts with a sound system enquiry….and is quickly identified to be a lighting / staging / backline / power requirement. We have recommendations for everything your event production requires, without pretending to know how to do it ourselves. Audio is our thing.



Work Journal

Neil Cowley Trio – deep space, or down to earth?

Continuing my pledge to be more proactive with my updates….today we are with the fabulous Neil Cowley Trio. Talented bunch exploring a deep space theme with a combination of traditional and electronic instruments, samples, synths, iPads….it’s not rocket science….or is it? Not much to report here from a technical standpoint. Small village hall gig so …

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