AFO – Association of Festival Organisers

AFO – Association of Festival Organisers

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This year we are delighted to be providing the sound system and engineers for the AFO conference including the evening concert showcases. We are very much looking forward to demonstrating our sound engineering skills tailored toward acoustic music. We hope you’ll hear the difference!

We understand ourselves that the relationship between festival organiser and PA company is a deeply forged one lasting many years and going way beyond a usual customer/supplier trade relationship. In other words we aren’t expecting a huge flood of immediate new business from attending conference, and we certainly won’t be hounding you if you are happily married to your current supplier!

Our primary goal of sponsoring the AFO showcase is to bring awareness to our company. Its well worth keeping us in mind, if only for fall back purposes. So do come and say hello, or pick up a flyer.

Of course, if you do so happen to be in the market for a sound system provider we would be more than happy to talk it through with you. No doubt we shall be doing some promotional deals for new customers coming to us via the AFO network.

See you there!

Rob Ellmore